Shady Grove Community Center 

Booking Agent (717) 597-1156

Shady Grove Ruritan


Rental Prices for the Shady Grove Community Center

Open the PDF File to see a full listing of Rules, Regulations, and Prices -- Two Pages
Please print the PDF file titled "Facilities Use Application" and complete it.  Phone the booking agent to see if there is an available date.  Submit the application along with cash or check to the booking agent.  There are two pages to the form.  Please print and complete both pages.

Any property damage found upon completion of your rental will be evaluated and monetarily assessed. No parking permitted on the infield or outfield of the ball fields. The Association committee will determine whether the persons responsible at the function will be held liable to pay for the damaged property.


The following fees shall be charged for the use of the facilities:


A.  Rates: After 5 p.m., Weekends, Holidays and Christmas holidays from

                 December 22 through Jan 2.                      

        (1) Auditorium Room                                                                  $175.00

        (2) Auditorium Room and Kitchen together                                 $225.00

        (3) Rental of Auditorium Room up to 4 hours                              $110.00

             The 5th hour will be Thirty Dollars ($30.00) additional.

             More than 6 hours, rates in (1) and (2) will apply.

         (4) Kitchen Only                                                                         $110.00

B. Weekday Rates before 5 p.m. and non-holidays

           (1) Auditorium Room   (Includes back porch if needed)               $ 90.00

        (2) Auditorium Room and Kitchen together (Lunch)                     $110.00

        (3) Kitchen Only                                                                            $80.00

C. Back Porch Area (Less than 6 hours = $75.00)   More than 6 Hours = $110.00

D. Cancellation Fee/Security Deposit                                                $ 50.00

E. Returned Check Fee (Non-sufficient Funds)                                   $ 50.00

F. Advertising on road sign up to one month                                         $ 30.00

G. Public auction, up to 3 consecutive days                                         $300.00

          Additional days @ $90 each

          Use of kitchen by any group for auction food stand             $30.00

H. Table and Chair Rental when transported to another location           $ 80.00

                (Individual tables-$5.00 each and Chairs $1.00 each

                 if amount is less than $80.00)

I. Funeral expense for Shady Grove residents only. (Others full price)  $ 50.00


Fees are to be paid to the Shady Grove Improvement Association (cash or check) and mailed with the request form to: Sherry Miles, P.O. Box 29, Shady Grove, PA 17256. The remaining balance is due on the day of the event. (See Rental for Request Form)


If the event is cancelled within 30 days of scheduled date, a $50.00 cancellation fee will be charged.