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History of the Shady Grove Community Center, the Shady Grove Ruritan Club, and the Shady Grove Community.

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History of Shady Grove Ruritan Club

By Ralph Tracey


Shady Grove Ruritan Club was charted Nov.,1955.


Joe Shank, being Secretary-Treasurer for the Grove Mfg. Co.,learned to know Herbert Blough, a Sales representative for Grove Mfg.,and a member of the Ruritan Club of Hunterstown,PA. He told about it to his friends and so Ruritan was started in Shady Grove.


The first meeting was held at the new Shady Grove School. Later, we held meetings in the Potter's restaurant in Greencastle, PA.


In 1963 the Community Center building was built mostly by labor of Ruritan members. Joe Shank had invested$28,000 for the Shady Grove Improvement Association in Grove Manufacturing Stock. When he sold it, it brought $30,000.00. This money was used for the building.   At that time Ruritan Clubs could not own property.


    There were three organizations coming together to support the building. Our attorney, Roy S. F. Angle wrote up agreements for the Ruritan Club; The Shady Grove Improvement Association; and the Shady Grove Women's Club stating that we would have the right to use of the building for $1.00 per year, to be paid every 10 years, to renew our agreement.


The three organizations worked together to hold festivals. We had the festivals at the old Shady Grove School across from Grove Manufacturing .until the Community Center Building was built. Then the festivals were held there. We chanced off a Cadillac car for a number of years and held fund-raiser suppers. The three organizations shared in the profits.  Working together all the organizations made money. The Shady Grove Women's Club cooked and served the meals for the Ruritan Meetings for many years. The S.G. Ruritan Club paid for the stoves in the kitchen, paneling in the meeting room, and furnished a lot of labor for the grounds and maintenance and other things.


The Club always sponsored the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts: the Little League, and scholarships for High School Graduates.


Over the years, some other fund –raisers were as follows: Don Martin, a Club member fed out 5 or 6 steers and we got the profit;


Web Sellers, Club member, belonged to the Silver Star Saddle Club and together we held a Horse Show a number of years and shared the work and the profits;


We sponsored Drawings with a meal, at the Special Events Center in Greencastle, PA


Now we sponsor fund-raiser breakfasts; have gun raffles; make wreaths and grave blankets in the Christmas season.


         We held Yard and Food Sales.  At several of these, we had wood-carvers and auctioned off their beautiful carvings;

        We make apple butter to sell, one boiling in October at the Apple Festival at the School Farm, Tayamentasacta , to show the apple butter boiling and one in February to continue apple butter sales.   



A Brief Shady Grove Ruritan History

Ruritan National was organized in 1928 in Holland. Virginia

It was named by Daisy Nurmey. a reporter for the

“Virginia Pilot Newspaper” in Norfolk

Ruritan - ruri (open country) tan (small town)

1955--(November 17) - Sponsored by the State Line Club. There were 32 charter members with Bob Mummert, President. Two of those members are still living - Zane Kiser and Alvin Harshman

We were the third club to organize in Pennsylvania and our charter number is 711 (State Line lsl and Hunterstown 2nd)

Our first meetings were held at Potters Restaurant in Greencastle. We later met at the Shady Grove Elementary School, Community and Antrim House

1956-- Our club sponsored a baseball team in the Ruritan League with Joe Shank as manager

1957-- Our club sponsored a bowling team in the Ruritan League

1962-63 - Community Center was built mostly by members ( many were members of both Ruritan and the Improvement Association)

1963 - (April 8) Our first meeting held in the Shady Grove Community Center

196?? - The first Easter Egg Hunt was held at the Shady Grove Elementary School for all the students attending the school

1986- The Shady Grove Times first newsletter and 1994 changed the name to Ruritan Times. An interesting note - This letter indicated a checking account balance of $118.00.

1992 - The first woman (Barbara Lloyd) was welcomed into the club

2007 - Our club took over the responsibility of the Shady Grove Community Center

We have sponsored the following over the years: Christmas baskets for needy and ill health, baseball teams, bowling teams, scholarships, community bulletin board, scouting groups, Easter egg hunts, Blue bird houses, Christmas wreaths and more, Christmas parties, Halloween parties, road clean-up, senior citizen programs, veteran programs and trips, community center clean-up, disaster support programs, donations to needy families, financial support for the community center, programs for the school, planters to senior citizens and for sympathy, supported community projects, community picnics, trips to ball games and more. This is not a complete list but shows our many involvements!!

February 12, 2008